I’m able to offer a unique service as well as absolutely loving what I do.
— Hayley Morcom, Founder

The idea of fitbitch has been in the making since 2011. 

Founder Hayley always knew she wanted to do something different with exercise.

After studying to be a personal trainer, she wanted to start something that would keep her dog and her fit at the same time.

“I have always had a heavy interest in my own health and fitness and I absolutely adore dogs. After obtaining my Certificate III and IV in Fitness to become a personal trainer I knew I wanted to start something on my own, and something that was different,” she says.

“I came up with the idea of incorporating dogs and fitness as I was finding it difficult to fit in the daily walk with my toy poodle, Harry as well as keeping my own training on track.

“I did some research and discovered a gap in the market for it. Not very many people were doing it, so I jumped at the chance. I am able to offer a unique service as well as absolutely loving what I do.”

Hayley adds “many dogs don’t get enough physical activity on a daily basis which can often result in a number of behavioral issues. Regular fitness routine is vitally important for the dog, so they can expel some built-up energy.

“It’s the same with us humans; if we stayed at home within the same four walls (or four fences in a dog’s case) it can send us stir-crazy after a few days!”

Exercising with your pooch can create a close bond - research has shown that when you are walking or running with your dog alongside you and you are concentrating on what’s ahead (not looking down at the dog), the dog will in turn create a connection with you and do the same (if you are looking ahead, he/she will, too).

“Interacting with your dog at the park or beach with a Frisbee or ball is also a great way for both your fitness regimes as well as building a close bond between the two of you. We all know exercise produces our ‘happy hormone’ endorphins, so when you and your dog are both happy, you create a really close bond between you,” she says.