We get it. There’s soo much pressure to eat better, exercise more and get into shape now we are approaching the warmer months. This is the time of year we see the terms ‘bikini body’, ‘detox teas’, ‘weight loss program’, ‘body transformation’, ‘eating plan’ blah blah blah.

You have all the best intentions in the world to become a better you this season. You are ready to give this thing a crack and start making healthier choices…. you want results yesterday so you start clutching at straws and find yourself drawn into these fads and promises to make you slimmer and more toned in no time flat. But does it actually work?

Cut the BS this year... enjoy your life and release a happier and healthier YOU!

Cut the BS this year... enjoy your life and release a happier and healthier YOU!

It happens every year around this time. The health and fitness industry goes even more nuts than normal.

I'm talking about those luring promises and sales pitches every where you look... 12 week body transformations, bikini body programs (what the heck is a bikini body anyway?), juice detoxes, lemon detox diets (yuck), overly confusing workout plans, strict nutrition programs, online weight loss guides, ridiculously cheap gym join up fees (watch out for those long contracts!), silly fitness equipment ads on TV... blah blah blah. 

I'm in the industry and I can't stand it. Sure yeah you may get some results at the start if you follow their strict rules and guidelines, yeah you'll look great when you look in the mirror and see your quick results, and yes you will be encouraged to eat more healthy foods you wouldn't usually eat... but how long can you keep this up for? How long until you cave and eat an entire block of chocolate, a full bag of salt and vinegar chips and flush it down with a diet coke out of pure resentment? Trust me I have been there time and time again. All those challenges do is involve restriction, deprivation and exhaustion.    

The ultimate crowd pleaser dog treats


These meaty little squares may look a little ugly, but oh boy will they go down a 'treat' with your dog! 

I've called these the ultimate crowd pleaser because they are just that, even the fussiest dog will inhale theirs in seconds (I have one of those and he loves these). 

I recently acquired this recipe while at my NDTF Dog Trainers course in Melbourne. They called them 'dog crack' as dogs go nuts over them, and they weren't wrong!

So I'm now sharing this super simple recipe with you so you too can share the love with your pup.

It's a little gross at first chopping up the lamb liver but everything else you just chuck in the blender and pour it into a baking tray. It makes quite a big batch so freeze any leftovers. Too easy!

Oh and did I mention they are super cheap to whip up? Only a couple of dollars and they'll last you for weeks. 

The ultimate crowd pleaser dog treats


500g lamb liver (around $3 from woolies)

1 1/2 cups chickpea flour

1 teaspoon baking powder 

4 eggs 


Roughly chop up the lamb liver and throw it in a blender. Pop the flour, baking powder and eggs in and blend until puree consistency.

Pour into a lined baking tray and bake at 100 degrees for 1 hour.

Allow to cool before chopping up into small bite sized pieces. Freeze any leftovers. 

Enjoy doggos! 


Hayley @ fitbitch

ps we love seeing your cooking/baking one of our recipes! Don't forget to tag us on social media to share the love! 

5 ways your dog can make you fitter.png

Let's all be honest. Nobody loves exercise. Even the the most fittest gym junkie doesn't actually enjoy working out. 

But we still do it for so many reasons. We do it for ourself. We do it for the feeling and adrenaline afterwards. We do it to increase our mood. We do it to feel better in our clothes. And we do it to stay healthy and look after our body long term. 

We also know it's pretty easy to lose motivation to exercise. Unless you have good classes to attend gyms can get boring, so can running by yourself or doing the same at-home workout over and over again. 

So It's time to try something new and turn to your 4 legged buddy. Exercising with your dog helps you hold yourself accountable as well as getting fitter and healthier together... the fun way! A dog needs exercise too and they will NEVER say no to a sweat sesh, a walk or just a run around the park. So on the days you just CBF, look at your pup and let them drag you out the front gate. You'll both feel amazing afterwards!

Not sure how to get fit with fido? Here's 5 ways you can get started.



Now we don't mean you have to go run a marathon together. Just small little running bursts will be enough to get your heart rate going and the calories burning. Don't be fooled by how far your dog can run, some small breeds actually have a lot more energy and endurance than bigger breeds. Start small and work your way up to longer stints tougher, think of it as running training together, you'll both increase your running distance at the same time. Maybe start off with 100 metres at a time, walk for bit to catch your breath before trying another run stint. Before you know it you'll be gunning along the footpath for your first 5km together! Just be mindful of the heat and breeds with flat-faces as they have trouble breathing and regulating their temperature.


Dog ownership is at its absolute peak these days so its pretty easy to find a mate who also has a pooch that may live nearby for doggy dates. Maybe it's friend at work, a neighbour or a close friend down the street, organise regular dates to catch up and pound the pavement with the pooches together. Get chatting, let the dogs trot side by side and bam! before you know if you've racked up the steps and at the local cafe grabbing a coffee before heading back home again. The perfect outing for your health, socialisation and getting your dogs steps up as well. Start asking around! 


Did you know the recommended average daily exercise for humans is half an hour while for a dog it's one hour? Of course you can do the same amount as your pooch but if you've just started out on your fitness journey try walking/running to park together before spending another good 20-30 minutes throwing the ball for your dog. while they run off and retrieve the ball try doing a few bodyweight exercises until they return. Try this full body blast workout. Now run/walk back home. 


Enter fitbitch - fitness for you and your dog! The outdoor fitness group allows you to bring your dog along to each class so they too can get exercised with you. In a typical class you'll complete your cardio, interval and shuttle drills together (or you can do it on your own, completely up to you!) while your dog has some down time as you focus on your mat work, weights and body weight exercises in between. 

It's a great balance for both of you. We encourage you to at least try a class and see what you think. And if you think your dog will be a distraction, each workout is focused on you and your strength/fitness, the dogs are there for the socialisation, bonding time and cardio stints. 


It's all too easy to jump into the car instead of legging it to run your errands. Live nearby? Grab the leash and take to the footpath together. I am fortunate enough to live close to town so Harry and I will on a regular basis head into run errands together. I am however conscious of the places I can tie him up when I have to run into a shop so only take him on the trips I feel comfortable leaving him outside (I have been known to sneak him in inside my handbag hehe). Regardless its a great way to rack up your daily steps! I love walking for staying slim and lean. 


Hope this has helped you on the track to getting fit with fido. We'd love to know you hear your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment here or on our social media platforms. 

Hayley + Harry @ fitbitch  

5 quick food swaps for weight loss (but still taste OMG yum!)

5 quick food swaps for weight loss (but still taste OMG yum!)

Who wants to go on a diet? hands up... 

Yep, thought so. Nobody wants to diet. Ever.

If you know my philosophy by now you know I'm not a fan of diets. They never work long term. They just cause unhappiness, restriction, frustration and usually end in a binge eat fest that brings you right back up to the size you were previously.

Instead don't we all want to get slimmer, fitter and healthier but still have our indulgences and treats? Yep. And it's called living in balance.

Are you showing your dog enough respect?

Are you showing your dog enough respect?

Your dog's life purely exists to love and respect you. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. And i truly believe every single dog you own is meant to come into your life for a reason; to teach you about love, respect and loyalty.

They live for us, they would do anything for us and all they ask for in return is love.

Like the prayer says, we have our whole lives, we head off each day to work, we go out at night with friends and we come and go from the house as we please. And they wait for us to return so they can continue to show us loyalty and love. They never get angry with us, they never argue with us, they never can't be bothered showing us love that day. 

What is your non-negotiable?

What is your non-negotiable?

We start the week/day with all the best intentions in the world for ourselves... wake up earlier, workout, make time to prepare lunch for the day, take the dog for a walk, nourish our body with good foods, stay away from the birthday cake at work etc etc.

Then when we jump into bed each night and realise we didn't do half the things we wanted to, we start planning the next day, and the next and next. I have been there and done that a million times over; "I'll do better tomorrow" "I'start over again tomorrow" "I'll be better when ... happens" (which never comes by the way, there's always another excuse!).

Why Winter is all in your head

Why Winter is all in your head

Whether its that damn snooze button, the 'too tired' feeling or the 'It's too cold outside' voice in your head... now is simply not the time to pull the doona over yours and your dog's head and skip exercise. 

Unlike some animals (as well as some grumpy humans) that hibernate during the winter months, most dogs still enjoy being active all year long. Dogs don't mind whether its cold, frosty, raining or hailing, they need to move. Its in their instinct. While its not always in ours, it can be with the right mindset. 

How happy is your health?

How happy is your health?

When I first launched myself in the fitness industry it was right when The Biggest Loser was hitting our screens and personal trainers, bootcamps and gyms were popping up absolutely everywhere. I went in with somewhat of a different approach to your standard fitness professional. I didn't like big gyms, I disliked the term 'bootcamp', Cross Fit intimidated me, and I didn't believe in yelling and screaming at people like they were naughty children.

Your ultimate shopping list guide! Buy quality on a budget...

Your ultimate shopping list guide! Buy quality on a budget...

Let's face it, the health industry is absolutely flooded with conflicting advice and it's out right confusing! You could literally read an article one minute claiming to 'eat Sweet Potatoes to lose weight' before clicking over to another story the next minute proclaiming that sweet potatoes are bad for you. Seriously how the hell are you supposed to get anywhere and feel good about yourself when everyone else claims to know what is best for you. 

7 ways to a hopping healthy easter... indulge and still fit into your jeans!

7 ways to a hopping healthy easter... indulge and still fit into your jeans!

Restrictions, diets and feeling guilty has no place at Easter. So is telling yourself you aren't going to indulge and treat yourself this year (we've all been there and it never works. That usually ends in the 'fat pants' coming out at some point because you've given in and eaten your body weight in sugar).

The four day holiday is about family, relaxing...and eating delicious chocolate! 


(MINDSET) Stop going barking mad... just go 'bark' to basics!

(MINDSET) Stop going barking mad... just go 'bark' to basics!

Every day when I open Facebook, Insagram or see a new email pop up in my inox I am inundinated with new food information from various health and fitness companies claiming they have the ‘answer’ to weight loss, the latest in scientific evidence as to why we need to start incorporating Inca berries (for example) into our diets, why we all need to drink bulletproof coffees for breakfast, the ‘eat this and lose weight’ headlines, the claim after claim after claim.

why you should be pooping like your dog to lose weight... (PODCAST)

why you should be pooping like your dog to lose weight... (PODCAST)

Have you ever noticed (or even been jealous of) the regularity of your dog's poop? Almost like clockwork every morning, in the first few steps of a walkies or after eating a dog will empty their bowls.

Now compare their poop-routine to your own? How regular are you? How healthy is your bum?

I was lucky enough to chat to digestion-queen Maria Hunt one-on-one and quiz her about gut health and what we can do to improve ours. My chef man crush Pete Evans is a big fan of hers and I think you will be too after hearing her chat about the importance of pooping! (I share her recipe for Young Coconut Kefir below). She was a lot of fun!

why you need to act more like your dog to stay healthy

why you need to act more like your dog to stay healthy

If that headline caught your attention and you're wondering how the heck do we act like our dog to stay healthy, stay with me here.

No I'm not suggesting to walk around on all fours and only eat dog food out of a bowl on the ground (although that would be a funny sight come to think of it) I'm referring to a dog's mindset.

I'm always researching the benefits of not only moving our bodies to say healthy, but the added extra bonus of working out alongside your fur baby.