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Let's all be honest. Nobody loves exercise. Even the the most fittest gym junkie doesn't actually enjoy working out. 

But we still do it for so many reasons. We do it for ourself. We do it for the feeling and adrenaline afterwards. We do it to increase our mood. We do it to feel better in our clothes. And we do it to stay healthy and look after our body long term. 

We also know it's pretty easy to lose motivation to exercise. Unless you have good classes to attend gyms can get boring, so can running by yourself or doing the same at-home workout over and over again. 

So It's time to try something new and turn to your 4 legged buddy. Exercising with your dog helps you hold yourself accountable as well as getting fitter and healthier together... the fun way! A dog needs exercise too and they will NEVER say no to a sweat sesh, a walk or just a run around the park. So on the days you just CBF, look at your pup and let them drag you out the front gate. You'll both feel amazing afterwards!

Not sure how to get fit with fido? Here's 5 ways you can get started.



Now we don't mean you have to go run a marathon together. Just small little running bursts will be enough to get your heart rate going and the calories burning. Don't be fooled by how far your dog can run, some small breeds actually have a lot more energy and endurance than bigger breeds. Start small and work your way up to longer stints tougher, think of it as running training together, you'll both increase your running distance at the same time. Maybe start off with 100 metres at a time, walk for bit to catch your breath before trying another run stint. Before you know it you'll be gunning along the footpath for your first 5km together! Just be mindful of the heat and breeds with flat-faces as they have trouble breathing and regulating their temperature.


Dog ownership is at its absolute peak these days so its pretty easy to find a mate who also has a pooch that may live nearby for doggy dates. Maybe it's friend at work, a neighbour or a close friend down the street, organise regular dates to catch up and pound the pavement with the pooches together. Get chatting, let the dogs trot side by side and bam! before you know if you've racked up the steps and at the local cafe grabbing a coffee before heading back home again. The perfect outing for your health, socialisation and getting your dogs steps up as well. Start asking around! 


Did you know the recommended average daily exercise for humans is half an hour while for a dog it's one hour? Of course you can do the same amount as your pooch but if you've just started out on your fitness journey try walking/running to park together before spending another good 20-30 minutes throwing the ball for your dog. while they run off and retrieve the ball try doing a few bodyweight exercises until they return. Try this full body blast workout. Now run/walk back home. 


Enter fitbitch - fitness for you and your dog! The outdoor fitness group allows you to bring your dog along to each class so they too can get exercised with you. In a typical class you'll complete your cardio, interval and shuttle drills together (or you can do it on your own, completely up to you!) while your dog has some down time as you focus on your mat work, weights and body weight exercises in between. 

It's a great balance for both of you. We encourage you to at least try a class and see what you think. And if you think your dog will be a distraction, each workout is focused on you and your strength/fitness, the dogs are there for the socialisation, bonding time and cardio stints. 


It's all too easy to jump into the car instead of legging it to run your errands. Live nearby? Grab the leash and take to the footpath together. I am fortunate enough to live close to town so Harry and I will on a regular basis head into run errands together. I am however conscious of the places I can tie him up when I have to run into a shop so only take him on the trips I feel comfortable leaving him outside (I have been known to sneak him in inside my handbag hehe). Regardless its a great way to rack up your daily steps! I love walking for staying slim and lean. 


Hope this has helped you on the track to getting fit with fido. We'd love to know you hear your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment here or on our social media platforms. 

Hayley + Harry @ fitbitch