5 quick food swaps for weight loss (but still taste OMG yum!)


Who wants to go on a diet? hands up... 

Yep, thought so. Nobody wants to diet. Ever.

If you know my philosophy by now you know I'm not a fan of diets. They never work long term. They just cause unhappiness, restriction, frustration and usually end in a binge eat fest that brings you right back up to the size you were previously.

Instead don't we all want to get slimmer, fitter and healthier but still have our indulgences and treats? Yep. And it's called living in balance.

I love the regular treat/chocolate/ice cream just as much as you. And by all means indulge in those cravings with exactly what you feel like a couple of times a week. But if you're like me and some weeks you feel like something yummy in the afternoon or after dinner but won't want the added calories (or guilt if you've already over indulged that week) there are a couple of go to swaps I keep on hand to keep me satisfied and on track (and are just as good as the real thing, if not better).

So just because a craving hits doesn't mean you have to give in and indulge every time, just choose your swaps and wake up the next day without the guilt.  


Whenever we have pasta/spaghetti based meals my partner and I always share the 'sauce' part (we always throw in extra vegetables and use lean mince) and have our own pasta component. Jake has the real deal heavy pasta while I opt for either peeled and heated 'zucchini' strips or I buy those Slim Noodles from the health food isle of the supermarket, which are a crazy 10 calories per serve. Hundreds of calories of savings in one meal! And it still tastes omg yum.  


Watching a movie at home or heading to the cinemas? Usually love to indulge in that buttery, oily, salty popcorn? Did you know a big bucket can stack on hundreds and hundreds of calories? Yep. Like I said on the occasion is completely fine, eat it and move on. But if you feel like you've overdone it that week, do what I do and take my own. I get the Cobs Organic 'lightly salted, lightly sweet' popcorn, a couple of cups is only between 100-150 calories.  


Mmmm now this is the biggest one. Chocolate gets us 9 times out of 10 when it comes to trying to stay 'healthy'. A little bit or chocolate (the one you want) a couple of times a week is ok. But if you find yourself heading for it after every dinner thats when you need to reign things in a little. I always have a 70-80% block of Lindt in the cupboard to curb those pesky late night cravings. A couple of squares of dark chocolate is actually not that bad for you. It has less sugar and is higher in antioxidants. The darker you go the better it is. You'll find you only need a couple of squares instead of the whole Cadbury block so try keeping a block handy at all times. 

Note: another chocolate fix; whip up a batch of my sweet potato chocolate brownies, keep extra slices in the freezer for a quick go-to guilt-free treat. 


Again, another go-to when you've had a bag day or you simply just want something sugary after dinner. You may have heard of this next trick getting around the internet but it seriously is the bees knees. Frozen bananas! When you have a few browning bananas, peel them, break them up into chunks and put them into a freezer bag and pop into the freezer. Whenever you feel like ice cream blend (I use our Nutri Bullet) the banana with a dash of almond milk (or light milk) and some nut butter or dark chocolate chips/cacao powder if you feel like choc. That's it. Finish the whole bowl and say goodbye to the post ice cream bloat. Yes please! 


We all have those 'I just feel like fast food' days and nights. While its ok 1-2 times it can quick quickly set you back in your goals if you over indulge. Hundreds upon hundreds of extra calories can be added to your food without you even knowing, cafes and restaurants are only interested in food tasting yummy so you come back. Unless you ask them there is no way of really knowing what you are eating. 

However, in our household we have confidently mastered the three main take away foods into a healthier swap; nachos, pizza and burgers. Seriously we love these more than the actually take away version, so there's no need to head out when we can cook in and still have the yum factor. 

Give these a go and thank us later!




Happy food swaps! 

Hayley @ fitbitch 

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