Cut the BS this year... enjoy your life and release a happier and healthier YOU!


It happens every year around this time. The health and fitness industry goes even more nuts than normal.

I'm talking about those luring promises and sales pitches every where you look... 12 week body transformations, bikini body programs (what the heck is a bikini body anyway?), juice detoxes, lemon detox diets (yuck), overly confusing workout plans, strict nutrition programs, online weight loss guides, ridiculously cheap gym join up fees (watch out for those long contracts!), silly fitness equipment ads on TV... blah blah blah. 

I'm in the industry and I can't stand it. Sure yeah you may get some results at the start if you follow their strict rules and guidelines, yeah you'll look great when you look in the mirror and see your quick results, and yes you will be encouraged to eat more healthy foods you wouldn't usually eat... but how long can you keep this up for? How long until you cave and eat an entire block of chocolate, a full bag of salt and vinegar chips and flush it down with a diet coke out of pure resentment? Trust me I have been there time and time again. All those challenges do is involve restriction, deprivation and exhaustion. 

The thing with these programs is they are not long term, They don't set you up for a successful and consistant future of health and wellness. They promise 'quick fixes' but in order to get them you have to basically dedicate the same amount of time and effort as a full time job. 

Don't me wrong, anything to do with you making healthier choices and moving your body more I'm all for. But what I don't agree with is the part where they are more than likely just setting you up for failure. 

I'm not one to also go on a negative rant and like to stick to the positives in life so I'll leave that argument there.

What I will suggest and recommend this year is letting go of all the BS thats out there and do something that works best for you. Make changes here and there that will lead you to a longer term healthier lifestyle overall. 

You don't have to do the 'all or nothing' approach where you miss out on living a life you actually enjoy. Love having a wine on a Friday and Saturday night? Love to indulge in dessert twice a week? Love choosing the days you wish to exercise that suits your schedule? Do that. 

Make a list of all the things you REALLY enjoy doing, without going crazy. There's a difference between having dessert every night and choosing one or two nights to look forward to it. Choose the things that matter to you and keep them, don't cut them out. 

Then, start choosing some yummy healthy new recipes to try (jump over to our nutrition section for some inspiration) and find an exercise program you know you will stick to all year round (hello, maybe fitbitch for you and your dog?)

Maybe you'll start drinking 2 litres of water a day, then you'll add in a 45 minute power walk with the dog, then maybe you'll make an effort to eat more vegetables and join a new fitness group 2-3 times per week. You'll be surprised how just making these few lifestyle changes will have an impact on your life. 

Yes to those smaller clothes. Yes to a more glowing complexion. Yes to a fitter, slimmer you. 

Yes yes YES.  

Isn't it time to stop with the BS and start living a more realistic and long term healthy lifestyle? 

By taking the pressure off to losing x amount of weight and looking a certain way, you'll be a much more healthier and happy you. The results will speak for themselves.

I hope this has helped you in some way. 

Have fun! 

Hayley @ fitbitch