With our service being a unique one we get a lot of questions. Have a browse through the most asked ones and and see if we can answer it for you. 


What if I don’t have a dog?

We don’t discriminate, dog or no dog we’d love for you to train with us! Of course if you don’t have a fur friend you won’t mind be around other dogs. You can train on your own or partner up with a dog for the session if another member has more than one dog, just let us know what suits you.

What if I have more than one dog?

For safety reasons, we strongly encourage one dog per person as your pooch will be by your side throughout the session – two may make things a little tricky. We suggest you rotate the pups you bring along and enjoy some one on one time with them. Or, if you have a friend or family member get them to join us and take care of the other one.  Alternatively we can partner one of your dogs up with a member who doesn’t bring their dog along.

Do the dogs train with us?

Yes. We aim for you both to have as much time together as we can.  Our sessions are structured for both you and fido to get the best out of it. We incorporate both human and dog agility equipment to keep you both active and entertained. Don't stress if your dog doesn't do what you want him/her to do, they'll become more comfortable as you progress. Whenever you need, there'll always be an anchor in the ground to hook your pups to if they need a little rest. 

Health of your dog

Just like our own health we ask that your dogs are up to date with their immunisations and are fit and healthy to participate in exercise. For safety reasons, we also ask for your dogs to stay on their leash when they first arrive to familiarise themselves with the park and other dogs. (you are responsible for your dog at all times before, during and after the session).

Your health

You know your body, health and medical history better than anyone else. Make sure you tell us about any injuries, niggling pains or concerns when you chat to your trainer before you first join us. If you have any concerns with an exercise during your session please inform one of our friendly team members straight away and we can offer alternative exercises to suit your needs.

What dog breeds is fitbitch suited to?

We accept all breeds of dogs in all shapes and sizes. However, you know your dog better than anyone so its up to you whether you think your dog has the appropriate behavior and training to participate. Dogs don’t always do what we want them to do, they have their quirks and mind of their own so don’t stress if they don’t do every thing during the session, they’ll slowly learn to pick it up. You can always tie them up for bit to give them a rest at any time. We aim to provide a fun and supportive environment so if you have any concerns just let us know and we can look out for you and your dog during the session.

For safety reasons, we ask your dog is on a leash when they first arrive, your trainer will let you know when/if to let them off for a run.

How long do the sessions run for?

1 hour, which includes warm up and cool down.


We try to keep to our schedule as much as we can, however some days mother nature can make it a little tricky with the rain etc. 

On  wet weather days your trainer will send you a text no later than 20 minutes before your session to advise you of the plan for the session. We'll either meet in a more dry location (most likely under one of the barbecue areas at Lake Weeroona) or we'll hit the footpath and take the pooches for a run in the rain. The dogs certainly don't mind the wet weather and it's also a very liberating experience for the humans. Pop on appropriate clothing, chuck a towel in the car for the trip home.... and think of that steaming hot shower afterwards. There's nothing like it! 

If you don’t receive a text the session will be held at the usual location (if unsure you can send a text to your trainer on the morning to check)


Did we miss a question you have? No dramas, just drop us an email or give us a buzz and we’ll get it answered for you. 

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