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Each session runs for one hour (for the 6am classes it's our guarantee to get you out on time/early to get ready for work!)

All classes held at Garden Gully Reserve (enter via Ashley Street or Robshaw Street and you'll see us set up at either side of the park)


During a circuit class you can be doing anything from bursts of running/intervals to squats and plyometric moves such as burpees and jump lunges, the use of hurdles and agility ladder, or we'll throw the gloves on for some boxing. Your dog will run beside you (or happily off the lead if you wish) during the running and will have a ball with you while you both use the hurdles, agility ladder etc. Most exercises can be done while your dog is beside you on the lead (they get some love while you're holding a squat, plank, crunch) or if they need a little break/you need to concentrate on your workout, can be tied up on our sturdy tether in the ground.  


Resistance training is essential to increase muscle strength and in turn allowing your body to burn fat more efficiently. During a body strength class you’ll be doing different forms of training mainly utilising your own bodyweight as well as the use of resistance tubes, kettle bells and weight balls. Your dog will enjoy the occasional bouts of running and will mainly enjoy the mental stimulation from the other dogs. Oh and they will love their toy weights to play with! At each session your trainer will have a tether system in the ground for you to tie your pup up at any time so you can better focus on your workout. 

canine CARDIO  

Our cardio sessions are great to get the heart pumping, stretch out the legs and improve your overall cardiovascular health. This goes for both your health! This class is designed to go alongside your HIIT and Strength classes during the week for your body to experience a variety of different types of exercises for overall health and fitness. For this class we’ll either keep you moving in and around the park or it’ll be a run group (to be advised by your trainer).  Your dog will feel well exercised after this class!


What better way to get your weekend started than alongside your fur buddy. This session is designed for fun for the both of you and will vary from week to week - one thing for sure is you'll both be left panting at the end! Waggin' Weekend sessions target your whole body.


This class has mums in mind or people who have the day off etc and is up for a later workout (not everyone can do 6am/pm with their busy schedules). Every week we shake things up and utilise a variety of training methods: circuits, strength, cardio, sprints, shuttle runs etc. Designed for all fitness levels and is a sure fire way to get fit and walk away feeling amazing! Both kids and dogs welcome. Anyone can book into th 

DOGA (seasonal - summer months only)

Yoga, or as we refer to it as ‘doga’ (think dogs and yoga) is a great class to stretch out the muscles and calm and centre your mind for the day ahead. There are endless benefits of yoga including improved flexibility, muscle strength, posture, bloodflow and balance. This class will take place at your usual park location. Bring your favourite yoga mat or use one of ours and give a new meaning to the downward dog. During this session you can let your dog run around freely or have them sit by your side and tune into your calming environment. Each DOGA class is taken by highly qualified yoga instructor Peita Carter from Raw Elements


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