All photography provided by Hayley Troy

We're making life easy for you. Don't leave your dog at home while you train - get healthy together! 

Fitbitch is here for you and your dog. We get how busy life is - and sometimes that means you don’t always get around to giving fido his/her adequate exercise as well as your own. That’s where we step in.

Fitbitch is a unique outdoor fitness group where you and your dog exercise at the same time in a fun and safe environment.

Together you warm up, train and cool down under the guidance of our experienced trainers. We ensure each session is both challenging but rewarding for you both with our unique training style using various equipment and exercises.

Benefits of dog exercise

Just like our own health we need to maintain a regular exercise routine with our dog. Research shows regularly exercising your dog not only reduces the risk of heart disease, digestive problems and other illnesses but can help to bark less and not be hyperactive. If you have a shy dog, exercise can also assist in improving your dog's confidence and reduce anxiety. 

What level of fitness?

Don’t be fooled by the name, we’re just playing on the word ‘bitch’ – a female dog! It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete newcomer to exercise or at the stage of one-handed push-ups, we cater for all levels. That goes for your dog as well!

Your trainer will call you for a chat prior to your first session to get to know you (and your dog) and your goals.

We at fitbitch don’t like the term ‘bootcamp’ so you wont find any army-style setup here, instead we get your booty (and tails wagging) moving with different types of cardio, interval sessions, body weight exercises, agility equipment, boxing and some other fun bits and pieces like resistance tubes and kettle bells.

What can I expect? 

You and your four-legged athlete will be taken care of as soon as you arrive at your location. Your trainer will have the session set up and equipment ready to get started. Take a couple of minutes for a little chat and allow your dogs to do the sniff thing before we get warmed up and your trainer will give you a rundown of how the session will pan out. 

What do I need to bring?    

Bring your drink bottle and towel along for yourself (we have a valuables tub to throw your keys and phone in) and we ask your dog arrive on a leash (there will be times where you can let your pup off for a run if they aren't fond of the lead). New members: please arrive a couple of minutes early to allow you and your dog to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Dog bowls will be provided to ensure your dog has adequate water supply (Feel free to bring along your own bowl if you prefer). We will have doggy bags available and ask for you to clean up after your dog at all times.

A first aid kit will also be on hand for the humans.

Where do we train?

All sessions are held at Garden Gully Reserve (entry via Robshaw or Ashley Street) in Bendigo (see map in the Contact tab). We try to keep to our schedule as much as we can, however some days mother nature can make it a little tricky with the rain etc.

On  wet weather days your trainer will send you a text (or post in the Facebook group) no later than 20 minutes before your session to advise you of the plan. We'll either meet in a more dry location or we'll hit the footpath and take the pooches for a run in the rain. The dogs certainly don't mind the wet weather and it's also a very liberating experience for the humans. Pop on appropriate clothing, chuck a towel in the car for the trip home.... and think of that steaming hot shower afterwards. There's nothing like it! 

If you don’t receive a text or see a message on Facebook the session will be held at the usual location (if unsure you can send a text to your trainer to check)

Prefer something one on one?

We also provide a one on one personal training service where a trainer can come to your or meet you at your nearest dog park or favourite outdoor area. Contact us to have a chat about this service. 




Our vision is to provide you with a fun, safe and supportive environment every single time we see each other. If you have an idea or think we can improve your service in any way, we’d love to hear from you. Chat to your trainer or drop us an email in the contact tab. 

Exercise is the same for dogs as it is us humans; if we stayed at home within the same four walls (or four fences in a dog’s case) it can send us stir-crazy after a few days. Regular exercise is vitally important for the both of us!
— Hayley Morcom, fitbitch Founder